Miscellaneous PR's

Apart from the two main PR's mentioned in the Workflow blog, I was able to contribute to


  • Tests for GeometryBasics : #42 & #44

  • Added MultiLineStringMeta #53, PolygonMeta and LineStringMeta #65 meta-geometry methods based on the @meta_type macro.

  • A MetaT method to support the case of heterogeneous geometries or metadata like we discussed in the previous blog : #74 and docs for metadata #79


AbstractPlotting.jl(Makie ecosystem)

  • Add overloads for convert_arguments method to support plotting of GeometryBasics LineString / Array{LineString}/ MultiLineString #479 and Polygon / Array{Polygon} #486.

  • I was hacking around my old AMD GPU in linux and acutally found way to invoke GPU's with "not so good" linux drivers to render Makie plots, right from bash terminal which made it's way into the Makie docs #295


  • Added an overload for Base.isapprox() method to allow for testing approximate equality between two DataFrames #2373


  • In the previous blog I talked about working around the StructArrays API methods to allow for heterogeneous features in GeoJSONTables. Thanks to Pietro Vertechi for helping us out. The method also made it's way to the StructArrays readme #149